LOGIC REMEDY The 5 Elements (1500 mg) Hemp Oil-Pain, Anxiety Relief, Healthy Mood, Sleep, Skincare Support (Daily dose of Coconut, Turmeric, Vitamin D3&K2) (1 Pack)


● ✅Our CO2 extracted full spectrum Hemp extract is full of Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. Many studies show a number of health benefits of Hemp extract including mental and emotional support, cardiovascular health and natural pain relief to name a few. Every Bottle contains a monthly supply, with 50 mg of Hemp Extract per dose.
● ✅Our extra virgin, Organic, Coconut carrier oil is a perfect solvent for Vitamin D3, K2 and turmeric! Did you know that all of these supplements are fat soluble, and therefore must be taken with fat in order for our bodies to utilize them? Not only that, but Coconut oil alone has a number of health benefits : It rejuvenates and moisturises skin and hair, and is packed with Omega 3s and MCTs which helps with weight management by increasing the efficiency of your metabolism.
● ✅ Vitamin K2 and D3 were meant to be together! Vitamin D3 needs Vitamin K2 (sourced as MK-7 from natto) to maximize its benefits. While Vitamin D3 helps your body absorb Calcium, Vitamin K2 directs the calcium to your bones instead of your joints and arteries, where too much calcium could be problematic.Both work together to support strong bones and a healthy cardiovascular and immune system.
● ✅Our unique Turmeric formula is readily absorbed, digested and assimilated by the body to assure optimal benefit. Turmeric root has been proven to have powerful antioxidant effects as well as anti-inflammatory and an excellent joint support supplement.
● ✅ We proudly make and bottle our product here in the United States using an FDA approved facility, so you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the very best ingredients. We offer 100 % money back guarantee, no questions asked!


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